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Composition of The Assembly

The District Chief Executive (DCE)
70 percent of the members who are elected by the members of the communities in their respective electoral areas through direct ballot on a non-party basis
30 percent of the members appointed by the President in consultation with traditional authorities and interest groups in the district.
The General Assembly is the political and administrative authority in the district. The General Assembly performs deliberative, legislative and executive functions of the assembly. This means it uses careful thought, discussion and forms of public participation in order to make decisions. It has the power to adopt laws and implement policies and programmes.

The functions are performed under the leadership of the Presiding Member. The committees of the assembly include the Public Relations and Complaints Committee and the Executive Committee and its subsidiary committees. These are:

Development Planning Sub-Committee
Social Services Sub-Committee
Works Sub-Committee
Finance and Administration Sub-Committee
Justice and Security Sub-Committee
Other subcommittees, as necessary.