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Adansi North District Chief Executive and Management Meets Miners


Community Miners at Wioso in the Adansi North District have been cautioned by the Hon. District Chief Executive, Honorable Kusi Kwaku Eric to register with the District Assembly and renew their registration when due or face the consequences.
The Hon. District chief Executive together with management of the District Assembly in a meeting with the miners reminded the miners to fulfill all financial obligations they have towards the District Assembly before they operate.
He emphasized that, the miners are to pay a registration fee which is subject to renewal every year as well as paying the appropriate fees they owe Nananom otherwise, the District Assembly would have their mining pits covered and have them reported to the police to effect arrest.
The Hon. DCE upon some deliberations gave the Miners some grace period to prepare and pay all monies they owe the Assembly to enable them acquired identification numbers and stickers in fulfillment of their financial obligations.
Hon. Kusi further advice the miners to desist from destroying the water bodies during mining and also endeavor to cover up all pits after mining activities and reach out to the District Assembly for seedlings to plant in order to reclaim the land.
The District Cordinating Director, Mr. Thomas Okrah stated that until the miners have registered with the Assembly, it will be difficult to provide any legal evidence of their activities and advised them to heed to the directives of the DCE so they can be provided with legal backing to prevent been harassed by the police and task force.
Mr. Albert Gyasi, head of the work subcommittee pleaded with the Assembly to stay committed to their word so that miners are saved from the harassment of the task force and the police.

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